Authentic Italian Cuisine & bistro favourites.
Owned and operated by Anthony Boffa, Paesani Restaurant provides our Members with a quality dining experience and boasts a great reputation amongst the locals for great food at affordable prices.

Tuesday – Thursday  5.30pm – 8.30pm       
 Tuesday – Sunday 
 12noon – 2pm 
Friday – Saturday  5.30pm – 9pm      
 5pm – 8pm  





BOOKINGS 9716 4100 



  ONE ON ONE WITH CHEF & OWNER – Anthony Boffa
  Where were you born?

  My parents are Italian and immigrated to Australia in the 1960s, however I was born in Sydney.

  What does Paesani’s translate to in English?

  Paesani means old acquaintances from the same town or country.

  What do you like about having your restaurant located in Magpie Sports?

  There are many things, the atmosphere and the staff, but most of all it’s the Members - especially my old customers who have  

  followed me since my first restaurant in 1989, it’s a pleasure to come to work every day.

  What is your signature dish and why?

  Definitely the Chicken Parmigiana – because each and every one is made myself, and my patrons won’t let me change the recipe, they say it's just too good!

  What is the secret to good Italian cooking?

  Fresh ingredients and we make everything on the premises.





Kids Spaghetti Bolognaise

+ a Paddle Pop

Kids Shows on the BIG screen!


At Magpie Sports we have created a new separate environment in the front of the dining area just for the kids. Our large play room has been designed to allow you to relax and dine whilst being able to keep an eye on the kids via a large glass wall.


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